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Let The Supreme Disability Central help you receive up to $35,000 in disability tax credits.

In Brief

The Canadian government offers tax benefits and reimbursements to people with medical expenses or impairments in physical or mental functions as well as anyone supporting these people. In order to be qualified for these benefits you need to be a resident of Canada and you need to have your disability documented by a member of the health profession.

Who We Are

The Supreme Disability Central is private company which helps people with physical and/or mental disabilities receive special tax credits and refunds from the federal and provincial governments in order to alleviate some of the hardships people with disabilities have to cope with every day.

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What We Do

Claiming these benefits is painstaking and that is the reason we recommend hiring professional in the field in order to expedite the process as well as relieve you of the stress and worries related to dealing with federal agencies. Additionally, we help people with disabilities to receive reimbursement for various medical expenses such as medication, attendant care, and moving expenses.

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