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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a serious condition with which many Canadians are afflicted. It is a condition which causes widespread pain and fatigue. Response to touch is heightened with pain. Some people who are inflicted with this condition are in so much pain that they cannot function and do regular activities of normal life.

The cause of fibromyalgia is currently unknown; however, some studies show that fibromyalgia can be linked to stress, genetics, and psychological factors.  Physical trauma such as a neck injury can sometimes lead to fibromyalgia.  Additionally, studies have shown that serious depression may lead to fibromyalgia as well.

Much like other unexplained syndromes, there is no be all end all treatment or magic cure for this condition. The fact is that different patients react differently to different treatment. Antidepressants have been associated with improvement in pain, depression, and fatigue.  Psychological therapies and muscle relaxants have proven to yield positive results. A daily exercise routine can also yield great pain relief.

Symptoms of Fybromyalgia


One of the most notable symptoms of this condition is pain. The pain can range from moderate to severe and is exacerbated by prolonged physical strain and activity. Many victims sufferers also make the connection between mental stress and increase in pain.

Another notable symptom of fibromyalgia is constant fatigue. In fact, the frequency and severity of fatigue has lead to conclusions by numerous doctors that fibromyalgia is related by chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatigue can be so severe at times that getting lots of rest and sleep is futile. Additionally, with fatigue come problems with being able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time. People who suffer from this condition often have difficulty completing tasks which require a lot of concentration and mental clarity.

Fibromyalgia Causes

Disability duration

Although there is no definitive answer as to what causes fibromyalgia, some recent research was able to shed some light into this condition. One study suggests that people who suffer from this condition process pain differently from healthy people. Pain processing is related to the brain, and scientists have found that people who suffer from fybromyalgia have significantly higher levels of cerebrospinal fluid, a substance which transmits sensory data to the brain.

Getting Financial Help For Fibromyalgia Sufferes

Fibromyalgia pain can be extremely severe. So severe, that it may make human interaction extremely difficult. Although living with fibromyalgia can be extremely difficult, there is help available. If you are suffering from this condition and it prevents you from being able to do many normal life activities, you may be entitled to government help in the form of disability tax credits. If you have fibromyalgia and are working and/or paying an income tax, you may be able to get as much as $35,000 retroactively, this also applies to people who are being taken care of by a loved one who is either working and/or paying an income tax.

If you think you may be eligible for the disability tax credit please contact us immediately. Applying for the disability tax credit is a time sensitive matter. For more information please take our free Online Eligibility Test.

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