Mobility Issues and the Disability Tax Credit

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Pain, agility, and mobility issues are the most common causes of disability in Canada, affecting almost 11 percent of the adult population. Seventy percent of them are affected by all three issues. For many of these people, financial relief is available through the Disability Tax Credit provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.

What Are Mobility Issues?

An mobility issues can be described as any difficulty in walking for more than half a kilometre or up a flight of twelve stair steps, an inability to carry an object weighing 5 kilograms for a distance of 10 metres, and/or an inability to stand for long periods. The guidelines provided by the Canada Revenue Agency concerning mobility are that a person who cannot walk for the distance of one city block, even with the use of a cane, is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. A person who can complete the distance, but must stop to rest along the way would also be eligible.

Agility is the ability to bend, dress oneself, grasp objects, cut food, and to get in and out of bed or a chair. Any impairment in any of these abilities may lead to a qualification for the tax credit, except in the case where a device or other aid enables the person to complete the task without taking an inordinate amount of time.

Mobility issues can arise from many causes. They may be the result of a degenerative disease like osteoarthritis, or the result of an automobile accident or other trauma, including amputation. Respiratory and coronary diseases are other possible sources of reduced mobility. Neurological problems, such as stroke, and diabetes can lead to problems as well.

Mobility issues present many difficulties for those who suffer from them, and for their families. The loss of independence is often devastating to people, causing depression and anger. They may be embarrassed by the need to ask for help. Mobility issues can lead to the development of other physical problems, such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and pressure sores.

There may also be financial concerns people who suffer from mobility issues. Those with mobility issues are often unable to work, or only able to work at a part-time or low-paying position. This can be another source of emotional stress for the disabled and for his or her family. The tax credit is helpful in taking away some of that worry.

Financial Help For People With Mobility Issues

To apply for the Disability Tax Credit, there is a form that must be completed and signed by a physician. It details the ways in which the applicant’s mobility issues prevent him or her from performing the activities required for daily life. The tax credit can be claimed by a supporting family member if the the person with severe mobility issues has a low or no income, as long as the family member is also a resident of Canada.

Accurately completing the required paperwork can be tricky. It is beneficial to work with someone who has the experience to ensure that the filing is done correctly. They will give you the highest chance of getting approved for the Disability Tax Credit.

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