Multiple Sclerosis and the Disability Tax Credit

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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

The rate of prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Canada is the fifth highest in the world. 133, or perhaps as many as 240, of every 100,000 Canadians have the degenerative condition. About three times as many women as men are affected.

In MS, the protective myelin sheet of the brain and spinal cord become inflamed, which leads to degeneration and effects across the nervous system in the body. The inflammation is the result of auto-antibodies produced by the immune system. Vision, hearing, memory, balance, and mobility are affected. Paralysis and blindness are the most extreme outcomes.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

A wide range of symptoms may be experienced, depending on the severity of the lesions in the myelin and their location. They include dizziness and lack of coordination, bladder control issues, bowel issues, mental effects such as memory and mental dullness, difficulties with speaking, difficulty swallowing, chronic fatigue, dry mouth, mobility issues, pain, twitching or spasm, tingling or electrical sensations, and more.

The most common form of MS is relapsing-remitting. A large number of people diagnosed with this form will eventually develop secondary progressive MS, in which symptoms increase steadily, while a few will live out their lives only mildly affected. In relapsing-remitting MS, flare-ups occur in which there is a worsening of symptoms or the appearance of new symptoms. They may last a few days or a few months. When a flare-up ends, the person returns to the level of function where they were before the attack, or nearly so. This period may last for months or years.

The course of primary progressive MS is a gradual increase in the level of disability with no periods of remission. It is the more rare form, occurring in only 10 percent of MS patients. It occurs equally in men and women.

Is There A Cure?

The cause is not understood, and there is no cure, so a diagnosis of MS is often devastating to the affected person and to her family. It is most often diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 40, at an age when young people are just starting families or promising careers. Normal life span is not affected, so it can be hard psychologically to face the future, not knowing when the condition might progress.

For most people with the disease, MS takes a severe toll on quality of life. It is difficult to keep employment, and the accumulation of symptoms may severely impact the ability to perform the routine tasks that daily life requires. There is also a significant emotional component because of the loss of independence that comes with MS, and depression is a common side effect.

Is There Financial Help?

For those suffering with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and their families, the Disability Tax Credit helps to alleviate some of the financial impact of the disease. The application paperwork can be complicated, so it can be helpful to work with an experienced professional who can complete the filing for you. That will ensure that it gets done correctly and that you receive the disability tax credit you need.

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